The Hausa International Book and Arts Festival is a crisscross festival of arts and language by and for African creatives across the Europe, West and East Africa with a touch of what the arts in Hausa ought to be. The festival opens up discussions about the Hausa language through history, music and arts.

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Our culture is a mosaic of memories, each piece holding the stories of those who came before us.




Amplifying Women’s Voices in Hausa Cultural Studies: Writing and Publishing Workshop for Early Career Women Academics from West Africa

Because women in northern Nigeria and other Hausa-speaking regions face academic and publishing barriers, most high profile cultural studies in northern Nigeria have been done by men and non-Africans.

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Sada Malumfashi launches Hausa International Book and Art Festival in Kaduna

This is Africa spoke to Sada Malumfashi, the director of the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF) which will be hosting its first edition around the theme, ‘Spaces’. The festival will “explore the origins of Hausa literary spaces; converse and discuss notions of gender, identity, culture, and politics.”

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The Glitters In Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF)

The Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF) is an Open Arts project designed purposely for giving voice to Hausa literature, arts and culture. It is through efforts like this that human beings reaffirm their honour as the greatest of all animals.

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